Farrans takes an integrated digital approach to delivery and data management on all of our schemes.


Use of digital technology is integrated into all of our processes, from design to delivery stages, to enable the development of intelligent solutions and improved outcomes for our clients.

We use the UK BIM Framework to standardise our approach to project management, in line with guidance provided in the Construction Playbook.

The UK BIM Framework sets out the approach for implementing BIM in the UK using the framework for managing information provided by the ISO 19650 series. We are a BSI Tier 1 contractor to deliver BIM level 2 compliant to ISO19650.

Farrans is involved in several schemes which are early adopters of Project 13, which has been recommended by UK Government as a means of moving the construction industry from a transactional approach to an enterprise model with a focus on integration.

In particular the Strategic Pipeline Alliance is working with the Centre for Digitally Built Britain to develop one of the first national digital twins in the British Isles, providing those involved with the skillsets to futureproof themselves.

We recognise that high quality data will improve how infrastructure is built, managed, operated and decommissioned and we are playing our part in ensuring this data is captured and used effectively to bring forward savings for stakeholders and ensure societal benefits for all.

Find out more about Farrans involvement in the Strategic Pipeline Alliance.

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