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Grand Recycling Plan launches at Belfast Grand Central Station


🌟 Belfast Grand Central Station is on a roll! 🌱♻️
The Grand Recycling Plan is a new initiative introducing refill stations and recycling points onsite, with each recycled bottle contributing to a donation for ‘Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.’
🌍 Our aim? Collecting 2000+ bottles to craft picnic benches for local schools, using 100% recycled plastic. 🏫 By providing recycling options, we empower our team to make sustainable choices and be mindful of single-use plastic waste, all while supporting a great cause.
Together, we’re not just reducing litter; we’re building something meaningful for future generations.
Farrans and JV partner Sacyr are delivering the main works on the NI Executive Flagship Belfast Grand Central Station project alongside Translink which commenced in February 2022. Find out more about the project here.