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National Inclusion Week: Our Action


National Inclusion Week is September 25th to 1st October 2023 and we are providing our colleagues with a range of ways to get involved.

What is National Inclusion Week?
Founded by Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week (NIW) is a week dedicated to celebrating inclusion and taking action to create inclusive workplaces.

The theme for National Inclusion Week 2023 is ‘Take Action, Make Impact’, a call to action for all in the organisation, from leaders, to I&D professionals – teams and individuals.

Take Action, Make Impact is a powerful message which aims to get organisations and individuals thinking about what actions they can take and what positive impact these actions could and should have for marginalised colleagues.

How are we getting involved at Farrans?
We are committed to creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and supported in a fully inclusive culture. This week we will be:

  • hosting an internal Listen and Learn with our colleague and Trainee Estimator, Nathan Lund, on 26th September 2023 so that we can all hear about Nathan’s life, disability and experiences as a wheelchair user.
  • encouraging our teams to share their stories to promote the diversity of talent that we have within Farrans, the skills and experiences that we all bring to the table.
  • encouraging our colleagues to join our DNA Network. This network is a vital aspect of our diversity and inclusion efforts. Through this network, we are building meaningful support systems and empowering our people to achieve their full potential.
  • We have also made a call for suggestions on how we can maintain a culture of inclusion and diversity.