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NI Water and Farrans complete 500m long sea outfall


We have completed the installation of a new long sea outfall off the coast at Ballyferris as part of its £18m Ards North Wastewater Improvement Project for NI Water.

The outfall – which extends 550m out to sea – was successfully laid with subcontractor Marine Specialists.

The Ards North Wastewater Improvement Project represents an £18m investment by NI Water to upgrade the existing wastewater collection and treatment systems serving a large part of the Ards Peninsula to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits.

The extensive project involves the rationalisation of the Carrowdore, Ballywhiskin and Ballywalter catchments so that all wastewater flows from these areas are transferred to a new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment works (WwTW) being constructed off the Ganaway Road in Ballywalter. In addition to these catchments, the new treatment works has been designed to treat wastewater flows from nearby caravan parks and small settlements.

The effluent from the WwTW will be treated to strict environmental standards and will flow to a new long sea outfall. To achieve excellent bathing water quality at local beaches, the outfall discharges 550m offshore where the treated effluent is dispersed and diluted in 4m depth of seawater.

The new wastewater treatment infrastructure will support long-term economic growth in local development and tourism. Additionally, the investment will deliver environmental improvements, including cleaner beaches and bathing waters, which will benefit all those living, working or visiting this scenic part of the Ards Peninsula.

Neil Sturdy, Regional Director for Farrans, said: “We are pleased to have completed this milestone on an important project for the area which will deliver long term benefits. Farrans has extensive experience in the water sector across the UK and Ireland as well as a long standing relationship with our client NI Water. We would like to thank the local caravan parks, residents and the wider public for their patience while we completed this challenging project.”