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Placements with Farrans: Anthony Sealy


Anthony Sealy is currently studying civil engineering at Nottingham Trent University. He has spent the last 6 months on our National Highways’ A52 Junctions project as part of our Griffiths Farrans JV team. Soon he will transfer on to a new project in the water sector, Tees Pipeline. Here he tells us about what he has learned so far. 

When did your placement start?
A: At the start of June, so I’ve been on the project for almost 6 months now.

Did you always have ambitions to get into a hands-on role?
A: Yes, I’ve always wanted to be in a more practical role, always preferred to be outside rather than stuck in an office all day.

So, why did you choose a placement here with us?
A: The range of different sectors that Farrans works in was appealing. I felt that they showed care and attention to the placement student’s development. The financial and accommodation assistance that Farrans was offering was also a big incentive.

How did you find out about this placement?
A. Farrans attended an online careers event at my university. They did a talk about the company, current projects and answered any questions anyone had.

What part of your time with us have you enjoyed the most?
A: Being on a site for the first time, seeing the works taking place and all the steps involved in making it happen. Everyone has been really helpful on the project, any questions I have had have been answered.

What has been the biggest learning experience?
A: All of it. Being on site and working with the sub-contractors. I have worked different shifts and got to work with a variety of different people. I also have gained a good understanding of client expectations.

What are the biggest benefits of choosing a placement, in your opinion?
A: Seeing the practical side of things rather than just being sat in a classroom, I feel you learn so much more just by being here on site. It has certainly built my confidence and knowledge and I feel it will make the transition much easier.

Do you have an idea of what you want to achieve in the future?
A: After completing my degree I would like to return to Farrans on the Farrans Foundation graduate programme and work towards chartership.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking about a placement?
A: Do it. 100%

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