Enoch Hill Wind Farm

We are the main contractor on site at Enoch Hill Wind Farm in East Ayrshire for our client RWE.


The 15-turbine site is located in East Ayrshire and when built, Enoch Hill will be capable of producing up to 70MW of electricity.

The site is south of the B741, approximately 8 km north east of Dalmellington and 7 km south west of New Cumnock. The site comprises mainly an area of exposed upland moorland. The terrain is generally undulating, comprising a series of hills and valleys and a main ridgeline to the summit of Enoch Hill. Ground levels on the main site vary from 250 m at the site compound to 569 m AOD at the summit of Enoch Hill.

The main site covers an area of approximately 1,468 hectares and contains several minor tributaries which drain in a north/north east direction into local burns and ultimately into the River Nith which drains the catchment.

We are responsible for the design construction and testing of all civil infrastructure works except for the design of the turbine generator bases. Ahead of starting construction, we were responsible for preliminary works, which included additional design and provision of documents to support the successful discharge of planning conditions.



The works include:

· All site access tracks, passing places, turning heads, crane pads and staging areas.

· The construction of a new site junction with the B741.

· Extensive all drainage infrastructure including culverts and water crossings and the provision of environmental protection measures during construction.

· Construction of all turbine foundations including the installation of electrical ducts and turbine foundation lightning protection and earthing systems.

· New control building and cable trenches, cable markers and cable track crossings.

· The design and construction of Scottish Power Energy Networks (“SPEN”) Substation platform

· The design and construction of all off-site remedial works required for turbine delivery.

In addition to the civil works, we are responsible for the Electrical Balance of Plant which includes high voltage, low voltage, SCADA, communications and earthing works.

· Engineering services: detailed engineering, design, and System Studies to ensure compliance with the Employer’s Requirements, GB Grid Code and Grid Connection Agreement.

· Design, supply, installation and testing of the primary electrical systems.

· Design, supply, installation and testing of the secondary electrical system of the control buildings.

· Design, supply, installation and testing of all control building services equipment, for example HVAC system, lighting, fire detection and protection.

· Design, supply, installation and testing of the control-, protection and communication systems and installation and testing of metering systems.

· Design, supply and installation of cable trays and ladders, safety electrical equipment, hazard signage, interlocking.

· Operational safety equipment for the control buildings.

As the project progressed through construction, RWE were keen to receive feedback directly from the community. Working in partnership with RWE, we helped them set up a Community Liaison Group which created a forum for open dialogue between members of the RWE/ Farrans construction team and the public through their local representatives.