Fofanny WTW, Co. Down

Fofanny WTW was constructed to treat up to 52ml/d from three different sources, Fofanny Dam, Spelga Dam and Lough Island Reavy.

Contract Value
36 Months
Project Duration

NI Water

The Project

The projects consisted of the following elements:

  • Bulk Excavation of 30000m3 of boulder clay and rock which was stored onsite for reuse in backfilling the new works.
  • Construction of a Buried Reinforced Concrete Structure involving 9000m3 of structural concrete to enclose¬†DAF, Primary, GAC and Manganese Filter tanks, Pipe work Gallery, Sludge Treatment and Press area, Chemical storage tanks and also a two-storey administration block.
  • Construction of two storey office and administration area within the buried structure involving general block work, stonework to external walls as well as complete fit out of all internal offices.

Services & Expertise

Link Pipe work installation between the existing Fofannybane WTW and the new Fofanny works: 1.7km of triple main pipe work rated to 16bar consisting of 560mm OD HPPE inlet main to new works (Lough Island Reavy feed), 630mm OD HPPE inlet main to new works (Spelga Dam feed), and 1000mm OD HPPE pipe (Treated water outlet from new works to Clear Water Tank at Fofannybane). This pipe work was laid within a common trench through agricultural land which also involved 2no. major road crossings.

Further pipe work installation within the confines of the FofannyWTW site included 120m of 450mm OD HPPE inlet pipe work (FofannyDam feed) and also 300m of 25bar operating pressure 300mm DI outlet main (Crocknafeola outlet main). Installation of 25000L Chemical Spillage collection tank and associated 150mm diameter drainage pipe work, 2no. Petrol Interceptor Tanks and general storm drainage and also a septic tank and associated foul drainage from the administration block. Construction of new Courtyard/Carpark area consisting of 1000m2 of 200mm concrete road slab.

Landscaping of the site involving, sowing of indigenous vegetation including over 10000no. heathers and 6500no. trees. Construction of buried 8ML capacity Reinforced Concrete Clear Water Tank within the Fofannybane site. Backfilling/Covering and Landscaping of the Fofannybane site following completion of the CWT and site pipe work.