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Farrans has signed two contracts worth in the region of £100m with Northumbrian Water Limited to deliver improvement works which will provide a resilient supply of clean and clear water to its customers for decades to come.

Northumbrian Water

Farrans is on site for the design, supply and install a new Bores Treatment Stream at Barsham Water Treatment Works (WTW) in Suffolk, where the company operates as Essex & Suffolk Water, including an interstage pumping station, a contact tank for the existing river works flow, a storage reservoir (20 Ml working volume) and a high lift pumping station for the combined flows. The project aims to provide a process plant capable of treating the full licence of the main abstraction bores and the emergency chalk bore.

This project is expected to complete in 2025.

John Murray, Northumbrian Water’s Commercial Manager – Procurement, said:

“We are delighted to have identified the right partner to help us deliver these important projects. Delivering clean, clear and great tasting tap water for our customers across the North East and East Anglia is at the heart of what we do at Northumbrian Water, so ensuring our infrastructure meets those demands now and for the future is a priority. Farrans have demonstrated they align with our vision and values and we look forward to working collaboratively to deliver these projects while also focusing on the social value benefits for the communities in which we will be working. Investing in new pipelines and bringing a new Bores Treatment Stream into operation helps ensure our network remains resilient and makes sure customers continue to receive the best from our essential services for decades to come.”