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Quick Thinking From Farrans Prevents Flooding Disaster for Local Bristol Community


On Wednesday evening when the site was being locked up for the day, it was the quick thinking of Farrans staff on our St. Thomas Street project that prevented a nearby flooding incident turning into a devastating night for the local Bristol community.

When works on the student accommodation project were finished up and final checks being made to secure the site for the night, the Farrans team became aware of water gushing from a trench in a neighbouring street.

With nobody from the responsible utilities company on-site, Farrans quickly made contact with the utilities contractor and Bristol Water, raising the alarm.

Farrans Project Manager, Darren McIvor, along with Jacob Humphries, Anthony Cook and the wider team kicked quickly into action to minimise water damage. After consulting with Avon Fire Rescue on their arrival, they helped draw together a plan to divert water from the neighbouring homes and businesses.

Knee-deep in water and with poor light, the teams worked together quickly and calmly to protect the pub and homes adjacent to the trench with tonne bags of sand. Our team also had the idea of using a site forklift to speed up the rescue mission and were still on-site after the utility contractor arrived, providing support in any way they could.


Deserved Praise For Taking Responsibility

Hicks Gate Fire Station have praised the Farrans team warmly, commenting that “without the help of Farrans, it would have been a much more difficult task”.

Darren McIvor, PM on the Bristol student accommodation project, credited his team for remaining calm in a crisis situation.

“The quick instinct of Anthony and Jacob in contacting all the right people at the right time was a key factor in preventing the majority of the damage – I ended up doing most of the shovelling for a change!”

Darren McClean, Head of SHEQ at Farrans, has said the team’s actions prevented what could have been a much more costly and timely clean-up, as well as ensuring the safety of the local home and business-owners.

“We are very proud of our team for taking responsibility in the local community and simply doing the right thing,” he said.

“To step up and take responsibility for the good of the local people is absolutely at the heart of everything we do at Farrans.”

“This ethos was demonstrated in no uncertain terms on Wednesday evening.

“It was a situation wherein our Farrans team had no other focus than using their instincts, skills and resources as best they could to help people in need – the praise they have received is fully deserved.”