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Register to join our Sprint at Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival


Northumbrian Water is hosting its seventh annual Innovation Festival on the 10th -13th July 2023 at Newcastle Racecourse and Farrans is proud to be a Sprint Sponsor.

The Innovation Festival is essentially the mashing together of innovation techniques like design thinking and data hacks with a British Summer Festival. It aims to make rapid progress on ideas that span organisational boundaries: a ‘years’ worth of work in a week. The festival brings together a wonderful community of innovators and talent from all different sectors, backgrounds and locations – across the globe.

Farrans is hosting a Design Sprint, a facilitated workshop which follows a specific and structured five stage process created by New York Times bestselling author Jake Knapp when he worked at Google.

Sprints bring together a broad and diverse team of individuals and are expertly facilitated by a sprint lead, who guide the sprint team through each stage of the process. No devices. No distractions. Just whiteboards. Pens. Post-its. An all-important timer, and you’re off.

The question we will be answering is: How can we create a step change in customer interaction and engagement in our plans for the capital projects that we deliver in their communities? Recent customer surveys have shown a low response rate to feedback requests for capital project performance/impact – typically <15%.

We want to explore how we might improve our customer and stakeholder management approaches. How do we pique interest in our schemes to best share and engage customers in our plans for their communities?  What daily life rhythms could we better tap-into?

Find out more and register to join us.