We always strive to leave communities and places better than we found them. Our responsible approach makes a positive difference to the surroundings in which we operate.

Striving for

In a recent Business in the Community Environmental Benchmarking Survey our standards for environmental management and best practice were recognised, achieving a platinum status in the construction sector.

BREEAM sustainability assessment is managed by our internal BREEAM Manager who coordinates with the assessor and internal stakeholders ensuring accurate compilation of information.

We are good neighbours. We strive to mitigate the impact of our operations, such as noise, dust and traffic. Farrans is a longstanding partner of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, striving for excellence across our projects.

We are actively improving the image of the construction industry by promoting and sharing best practice under the code. Our ambition is to receive a Considerate Constructors Score (CCS) of at least 10% above Industry average, on all sites.

We are committed to a core set of responsible principles:

Health and safety

To strive to manage our activities in a safe manner and protect the health of our employees, contractors and communities.


To assess and manage the environmental aspect of our operations.


To seek to encourage social inclusion in the communities in which Farrans operates.

Legal Conformance

To every aspect of legislation in the countries in which the company operates.

Corporate Governance

To achieve the highest standard of ethical business conduct.


To make a profit in order to continue to operate and employ people and to create a healthy environment in which people can live and work.

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