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Women in Engineering Day 2024: Ashly Viyyath Subhash speaks about life as a Graduate Engineer


This International Women in Engineering Day 2024, we speak to our Graduate Engineer Ashly Viyyath Subhash who is on our Anglian Water Strategic Pipeline Alliance project in England. Ashly didn’t listen to the voices that tried to discourage her from this career path simply because of her gender and her inspirational story shows why mentorship, support and removing barriers is so important to bringing in the best talent to our industry.


What made you pursue engineering as a career path?

I was very interested and keen to learn about civil engineering works. A few people in my life discouraged me from choosing the engineering field, just because I am a girl. So, I wanted to prove to the world that gender doesn’t really matter when pursuing your passion and dreams. I am an Indian girl, who came to the UK two years ago to pursue a Masters in Construction Management. Being in a new country, I have been through a lot of challenges to achieve my passion and dreams. Living away, on your own, from your family, friends and loved ones isn’t easy. To all the young girls and women who want to step into the engineering field – Dream Big, Work Hard, and don’t let anything hold you back. Believe in yourself, you will definitely find success.

What does a normal day in your role involve?

As a site engineer, I will be issuing permits for various works, setting out and surveying, making sure H&S is maintained on-site and all the paper works are in place, delivering site inductions to the new people on site, conducting safety meetings, ordering materials (pipe, fittings etc) as per the requirement on site.

What is it like to be a woman in engineering?

My career is highly fulfilling and I am getting sufficient opportunities to prove to the world that I am confident, competitive, and have the abilities to resolve any technical issues and make a tangible impact through work. Mentorship from my colleagues plays a significant role in my career development. Balancing work and personal life is a significant challenge, but flexible work policies and a supportive workplace environment make a big difference.

What advice would you give to girls and women interested in and considering engineering as a career path?

If you are passionate about engineering and have the confidence to achieve your goals, just go for it. Trust me, you will never regret being an engineer. Succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated field is truly empowering and builds confidence. Overcoming challenges and achieving success will be a source of professional and personal pride. Set yourself as a role model to the future generation of girls to pursue STEM careers.

How important is it to have women working in the engineering field? 

Women in engineering can significantly impact technological advancement and innovation. Their contributions brings diverse perspectives to problem solving. Diverse teams often exhibit better dynamics, such as improved collaboration and communication, which can enhance overall team performance. Promoting gender equality in engineering contributes to broader societal goals of equality and inclusivity.

Do you have any role models who encouraged you?

My parents are my role models. Their support for my passion is the biggest reason for being an engineer today.

What made you choose to work for Farrans? 

I found this job opportunity on Farrans’ LinkedIn page. I had attended a few interviews before I attended Farrans interview. To be very honest, Farrans is the only company that has been very understanding and supportive of me pursuing my passion of being an engineer. The biggest challenge for me at the time of joining was the driving licence. Farrans offered me the job, an opportunity to get my driving licence and a wide range of training. These are the main reasons for me to choose Farrans. Working in a traditionally male-dominated industry has been enjoyable being one of the few women on site. There has been constant support from the men I currently work with, in case I need any help. On-site there is a sense of brotherhood and team spirit where we all look after one another. I have been working for Farrans for a year. Currently, I am working towards chartership. Hopefully, I will be reaching my goal in the upcoming years.