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National Apprenticeship Week – Peter Lappin


As part of National Apprenticeship Week we have asked our apprentices to tell us what they have gained so far from their experience with Farrans. Peter Lappin shares his story.

Can you introduce yourself please?

I am an Apprentice Design Coordinator for Farrans Construction. I am 21 years old and have been working for Farrans since October 2021.

What made you want to go into an apprenticeship?

I had been studying a Level 3 BTec in Construction and had work experience with Farrans working on South Lake Leisure Centre 4 years ago helping out the site engineers. I was asked to come back and work 1 day every 2 weeks from February to August 2019 and from then was set on becoming an employee for Farrans as soon as possible. I wanted to work full time and the benefits of getting paid a salary along with degree fees covered was a no brainer for myself.

Currently I am studying a Level 5 Foundation Degree is Construction Engineering with Surveying  which I will complete this summer. Following this, I will be spending another 2 years completing the BSc Honours Level 6 in Construction Engineering and Management. In total I will have spent 4 years doing my degree which is the same length as doing one full time.

What site are you on?

I currently work on Live Oasis, a 21 story student accommodation building in Leeds City Centre. It will be complete later this year and is the first time I have worked on high rise project.

What skills have you learned from your apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship so far has taught me so much in the 1 year and 4 months I’ve been here and has especially helped with my degree. Working in design has given me an understanding of most aspects of a project ranging from the entire design of a building to commercial challenges and procurement. This is thanks to the experienced individuals I’ve been lucky to work with in Leeds as they are always on hand to ask questions to whenever I’m unsure of things which has really benefited my development and will continue to do so in the coming years.

How do you find working for Farrans?

Working for Farrans has been amazing. Everyone I have met in the last year and a half has been helpful and friendly which I think is important for someone with little to no experience in the industry. As my job is in Leeds, I get to travel every week which for me is a plus as it allows you to see new places and enjoy different working areas.

What is the part of your job that interests you the most?

For me its seeing design elements that I’ve contributed to becoming a reality on site. It’s always rewarding to see drawings that have had weeks/months spent on them finally get built on site. It’s always interesting to see things built on site also as it can help make understanding different design elements a lot easier.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to other people?

100%. If you’re someone who is looking to waste no time in getting into the working world then there is no better option. As mentioned prior the benefits of getting a salary as well as a degree paid for you is game changing and I strongly believe in the coming years apprenticeships will become the norm for the construction industry.

What are your plans for after your apprenticeship?

Once my apprenticeship is complete I hope to become a full time Design Manager for Farrans. I believe I will be more than capable as I will have had 4 years of experience under my belt along with a full degree putting me in an advantageous position over a graduate with just a years placement complete during their degree. I highly recommend all students with an interest in construction to enquire about apprenticeships with Farrans and see what options are available.

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