Collaboration, JVs and Frameworks

We are a great company – all on our own.
We bring a lot to the table. An excellent workforce of talented people, vast experience in a range of sectors, a genuine focus on sustainability, an innovative and creative edge as well as the formidable group resources of our parent company, CRH.


So you will be pleased to hear that we are also happy to work in strategic alliances, as part of joint ventures and in collaborative long-term relationships as part of frameworks.

We have partnered with national and international peers to deliver some of the most significant infrastructure, utility and commercial projects in the UK and Ireland.

Read our Collaborative Working Policy here. 

We are accredited to ISO 44001 standard which you can trust that our collaborative way of building and managing relationships works, not just for us, but for our partners, our clients and the communities we work in.

If you are interested in working in an alliance with Farrans get in contact with our team today.


For further information on UK and Ireland Building Frameworks, please click here.

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