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Social Value 2022: Our Positive Impact


✨ Social Value 2022✨

We recognise our ability to have a positive, long-lasting societal impact through the delivery of social value.

🏗Through employment, training and education we have engaged with 12,482 people within the communities where we operate, improving our outreach year on year with a 57% increase on local employment opportunities.

✏ Our education programmes have supported 10,343 young people, from early years through to further education.

🎄Support to local communities has been delivered through donations, volunteering and engaging with charities and social enterprises.

🤝🏾Our project procurement practices have continued to support local economies.

Thank you to our excellent in-house Community Business Partners for their work on all of our projects and to our supply chain for working with us to achieve such a wide ranging positive impact.

Read more and view our infographic in high resolution here. 

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